About Home Inspections

What is a Home Inspector?

A Home Inspector must be a highly skilled generalist with a good working knowledge of how a house is put together and how the house and its components interact with one another.

The Home Inspector educates the client about the house. Your personalized inspection report includes cosmetic and maintenance information. This serves to introduce a Home Buyer to the home.

A professional Home Inspector must be able to diagnose a problem in a house, based on what can be detected from a visual inspection. Which can range from an obvious roofing problem to a not so obvious electrical problem. Only normal operating devices will be used to activate the systems within the house.

The Home Inspector documents the inspection with a written report for the customer.

Do I Need to Attend the Inspection?

It is not necessary you attend the inspection. However, I strongly recommend that you or a representative for you attends the inspection so you are properly informed of the condition of the investment you’ve made.

The reason I strongly recommend you attend is because you will be able to follow the inspector around and visually learn about the condition of your house, how the various systems operate and how to properly maintain them. You will also have a better understanding of the contents of the report if you are able to see it from the home inspector's perspective and can ask questions as they arise.